Aspects by Degree – Now In the Birth Chart Overviews


I’ve added Aspects & Conjunctions (Classical Vedic, by degree) to the basic section of the Birth Chart Overview.

In the example below, for example, in the left table you can see that Mercury exerts 100% full aspect on the 2nd house, 75% aspect on the 3rd etc. And in the rightmost column of that table you can see that the 2nd house is the one receiving the most aspectual energy in the chart. And in the bottommost row, you can see that Saturn and Jupiter exert the most influence over the houses overall.

In the example table on the right, below, you can see that Mars has 100% on Rahu, Mercury has 93%, etc. The rightmost column shows that Rahu receives the most aspectual energy overall, and that Saturn exerts the most aspectual influence in the chart.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 18.56.26

To get this information calculated for your own chart, just go to, scroll to the “Readings” section and order a Birth Chart Overview. It is included in the “basic information” option.