Symbolism of Mars


The core of Mars’ symbolism is energy. Energy is connected with heat. The psychological form of energy especially is passion and ambition.

We fulfill our ambitions in two ways: cooperatively or independently. When our endeavors are cooperative, they come into the symbolic domain of Venus, but when we must stand alone and strive to realize our ambitions, we are in the domain of Mars. Thus Mars represents independence and individuality. If Mars is in negative conditions in a horoscope, this independent self-reliance may seem like selfishness and individuality may seem not uncooperativeness.

As we strive to realize our ambitions, we often will have to compete with others striving for the same resources. Thus Mars is a symbol of competition.

To win, we must have strength. Mars symbolizes all sorts of competitive strength. Emotional strength is willpower, courage, and self-discipline. Physical strength is muscle and weaponry. Interpersonal strength is the enforcement of discipline, exemplified by entities like the military and police.

Because Mars represents competition, it also represents fighting, violence, war, and anger.

– Excerpt from an early draft of
Symbolic Keys of Astrology

By Vic  DiCara