The Astrological Significance of Venus


The core symbolism of Venus is that she represents the senses. As an immediate result, she represents beauty, because beauty is what the senses seek to find.

By representing beauty, Venus represents all things that are beautiful, especially young women, flowers, fashion & cosmetics, and the arts like music, dance, painting, and poetry. 

But the most beautiful of all things is love.

Love has many facets in various relationships: Amongst competitors love manifests as peace. Among peers, love manifests as cooperation. And certainly love manifests most powerfully as romance, which blends with cooperation to become marriage.

Venus also has another branch of symbolic meaning. Since she represents the senses, she symbolizes the physical body, an organized unit of 5 input senses (vision, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching) and 5 output senses (speech, grasping, mobility, reproduction, and evacuation). Venus therefore has a lot to say about physical health, especially about the vitality and sensual acuity in our body.

– Excerpt from an early draft of
Symbolic Keys of Astrology

By Vic  DiCara