Venus, Libra, and the Quality of Justice…


Venus is about love, and love has a certain quality of not caring for external distinctions. We might fall in love with a rich person, or we might fall in love with a pauper. Nontheless, The quality of Justice isn’t really a part of Venus’ main symbolic profile, expect in her zodiac property: Libra.

Libra is the 7th sign, so it represents the west (7th house/zone of the sky). The west is where the sun sets, and similarly Libra is where the Sun is debilitated. The Sun represents government, authority and hierarchy. These qualities “set” (they step down and move aside) in Libra. So Libra has the quality of “justice.” Being Venus’ sign, Libra has love, and being the debilitation of the sun, Libra is the place where love goes to everyone equally. Authorities, bosses, kings, hierarchies, are lowered and set aside, and we treat each person fairly as an individual.

The symbol for libra, ♎ is an image of the Sun setting on the western horizon. Some interpret the symbol as a balance, or scale, symbolizing justice.

It’s also important to note that Saturn exalts in Libra, and Saturn represents the common blue-color worker. This reinforces the basic idea that in Libra love does not care for royalty and hierarchy (Sun), but goes out to everyone equally, thus benefitting the commoners (Saturn).

The cardinal mode of Libra is also interesting – because it gives a progressive, and liberal feeling to the zodiac sign. (“Cardinal mode” means turning our attention towards a new direction). This resonates with the theme of justice by making Libra willing to defy and even rebel against unfairness entrenched in tradition.

So, its actually Libra which represents justice. Venus represents love, which becomes justice and equality when it cultivates the 7th zodiac region to create Libra.