Dhruva and the Polestar


Very very interesting lore about abhijit naksatra

The Enquirer

Wonderfully praised by the brilliant and resolutely determined boy, the All-Attractive, who is the devotee of his devotees, reciprocated the child’s affections and spoke.

“Royal little boy,” he said, “I know what you are striving for with all your wonderful vows, and I will grant it to you with all my blessings, though it is very rare.

“You wanted to attain the most wondrous place in all the three worlds, beyond what even Brahmā possesses.” Pointing up into the night sky, Viṣṇu continued, “See that very bright star? It doesn’t move, so we call it Dhruva-kṣiti. It is like the hub around which the wheel of the brilliant constellations stars and planets revolve; it is like the central pillar around which bulls walk to turn the tills. No one has ever claimed that star but Dharma, Agni, Kaśyapa, Śukra, and the great forest dwelling sages worship that place by clockwise…

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