Astrology of Wealth… Paul McCartney


I have one astrology student, currently, who is particularly gifted and shows great potential. Some of her assignments involve her in looking at charts like Paul McCartney’s. She asked some interesting questions about where the indications of great wealth would be found in his chart.

Comparing his chart with Bill Gates’, she said a very interesting thing: “I think it really comes down to the question, what is the person known for? With Bill Gates, there’s all this obvious financial wealth stuff that jumps out, and wealth is also pretty much the first thing I think of when I think of Bill Gates.” With Paul McCartney, on the other hand – he’s wealthy, yes, but that’s not the first thing that jumps out about him.

Now let’s get down to business of finding McCartney’s indicators of abundant and enduring wealth.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 15.00.32

First, lets look at our essential calculations, positivity and impact (although I am in the process of upgrading the impact calculations, these are still reliable to work with).

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.37.44

All of his planets are very, very positive, except Saturn and the Sun. Saturn is close to normal (which means “negative” since Saturn is a malefic) and the Sun is very negative.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.37.53Luckily the very negative sun has very, very little potency. The biggest problem in the chart, then, is Saturn, since it’s acting like its normal malefic self and has very significant potency.

The most obvious implication of this is the very painful loss of his first wife, and subsequently a very painful breakup with another wife. (I’m not too up on the celebrity details, someone can comment to correct the details if necessary). This is because both the Sun and Saturn surround the 7th lord (marriage). Besides the Sun and Saturn being naturally malefic, they have lousy positivity, Saturn is very strong in the chart, and they are the lords of the 6th and 12th houses.

Now let’s look at the places of wealth. We tend to start with the 2nd house for enduring wealth. His 2nd lord is in the 6th. Don’t misread this as negative. The baseline definition here is: “The lord of stability in the house of challenges: If the second lord is in positive circumstances, it increases our ability to profit from challenges, challengers, and difficulties. It improves our health. If under negative circumstances it does just the opposite.” His second lord is Mars, which is in phenomenally good positivity (89%!).

His mars is also quite influential in the chart, owing a lot to the fact that it exerts a significant aspect on Ketu, which is so near to the ascendant. So this interpretation of “overcoming challenges and challengers to profit” becomes a significant theme we should read from the chart.

Next we should look at the 11th house, the house of profits. His 11th lord is in the 4th, which is a solid, stable place. It is joined by the 4th lord, increasing stability. The lord is Saturn, who is not in positive dignity, but regardless of dignity a planet always cares for its house. It may be a very valid principle to consider that dignity does not affect the houses owned by the planet. Dignity affects the houses and planets the planet influences. This is a principle to observe carefully and to consider adopting.

The main thing about his 11th house is that its a focal point of amazing aspects. Look at this graph of the aspects to it:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.49.58

All the benefics aspect the 11th house, especially Jupiter (who is very positive in the chart and is the most powerful planet in the chart), and Mercury (also positive and fairly powerful). Saturn’s aspect is considered benefic because it is the lord of the house (Phaladīpika establishes this rule). The only doubt is the Sun’s influence, which is in awful negativity in this chart – but that sun is also very impotent in this chart, so does not have much sway over the rest of the benefic influence.

Also, please consider that Mercury and Jupiter own all the angles, and Jupiter, by owning the 1st also counts as a trine lord. Their combined aspect on the 11th therefore constitutes the combination of an angle and trine lord, which is always a very beneficial indicator.

I think the above gives an astrologer sufficient hint to interpret significant and enduring wealth from this horoscope. But also consider the Candra-lagna (moon-chart – bottom left chart of the charts including at the beginning of this post). The 1st, 2nd, 11th and 6th lords combine in the 11th house of that chart. 2, 11, and 6 are financial lords. The 11th indicates profit, and the 1st indicates that the combination is important and potent.

The student I mentioned at the outset had some specific questions about the chart:

the lord of the 2nd house is in the 6th, which doesn’t look too strong, but at the same time, Mars is in that great raja yoga.
Actually, the lord of the 2nd in the 6th is tempting to interpret as negative, but the texts like Bṛhat Parāśara Hora steer us away from that and say that it all rides on the dignity/positivity of the 2nd lord.
She has brought up a point, that besides being phenomenally positive, Mars is also in a very strong Raja Yoga. Mars’ aspect on Ketu in the 1st house, when Mars is a trine lord, constitutes rāja-yoga. 
Could that reflect how he didn’t come from money, but when it came, it came in a really intense way?
Yes, 2nd lord in the 6th with great dignity indicates overcoming challenges and challengers to profit.
If I didn’t know this was his chart, I might look at how Mars and Ketu are linked and think, well this person could have great things happening in their life, but with Ketu involved how long could it last, since Ketu is so unpredictable. I guess that’s how it happened – in a very wild way.
Ketu is an amplifier. Ketu is unstable in the sense of being revolutionary and causing change. Mars and Ketu is not a good combination, but in this case (a) Mars has phenomenal dignity, and (b) Mars and Ketu form rāja-yoga. There is also significant aspect from very positive and very, very potent Jupiter, influencing this Mars-Ketu alignment. That has to be kept in mind as well. In the end Ketu is revolutionary and McCartney was a member of the Beatles – a revolutionary band.
The wealth mainly comes from the 2nd in the 6th with great positivity and, especially, the amazing aspects on the 11th house. Ketu is not directly involved in that. But when there is rāja-yoga… rāja means “king.” Kings have wealth. So Ketu will not be operating in a negative way due to having a double or tripple rāja-yoga (from the aspects of Jupiter, Mars, and Jupiter+Mars).
As for the lord of the 8th (money through partnerships, which would have to be his case) is Venus and it is in its own sign, which is good but in the 3rd… – so I’m wondering, could you then look to the moon’s chart and see how Venus there has spotless, parvata and mahapurusa yogas and then say that the 8th house lord in the main chart is benefiting from its yogas that exist in the moon’s chart, even if those yogas don’t exist for Venus in the main chart?
He made money in partnerships, but not through marriage and not through inheritence. Therefore it’s not really 8th house wealth. He made money as an entertainer, both in the Beatles and later as a soloist.
The observations about Venus are excellent. The answer to the question at the end is “yes.”
Maybe it’s a combination of many beneficial things, like Jupiter’s raja yoga, and Mercury’s not incredible, but still pretty nice parvata yoga.
Combinations of many beneficial things are nice, but there also has to be at least a few strong indicators of a specific beneficial effect. In this chart there are significant indicators of stable and abundant wealth, so, yes, the abundance of beatitude in the rest of the chart is a very nice foundation for those indicators to be interpreted with liberal positivity.
Vic DiCara