Gaja Keśari and Criminals like Charles Manson


Yesterday I made a post describing Meryl Streep’s wonderful horoscope and the role played by Gaja-keśari yoga. There we clearly saw the expected results from the yoga. Today I’d like to look at another horoscope that has Gaja-keśari yoga, but with surprising results: Charles Manson.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 16.28.39

Refer to yesterday’s post for the exact definition of Gaja-keśari (its important).

Looking at a checklist, it might seem like Manson’s yoga is just as peachy and sweet as Streep’s. Both of them have Jupiter in the 7th and Moon in the 10th (causing Jupiter to be in an angle from the moon and ascendant), and both have benefic aspects or conjunctions… but the most obvious difference is that, for Streep, Moon and Jupiter were the only planets in the angles. Free and clear yoga without interference. For Manson, on the other hand, there is tons of noise all over the angles.

The next difference is that Jupiter (the central planet in Gaja-keśari-yoga) was by far the most influential planet in Streep’s horoscope. Lets take a look at the graph after calculating the impact of all the planet’s in Manson’s horoscope:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 16.36.52

There is no clearly dominant planet, but the main player is Mercury. OK, so this merely means that the effects of Gaja-keśari wouldn’t be as dominant, clear and pervasive as in Streep’s case. But why is he such a ill-fellow, while she is so nice?

Another factor going into this is that the gaja-keśari is spoiled to some extent by the aspect of a malefic. Manson’s Jupiter has  75% aspect from Saturn. The benefic aspect/conjunction that makes the yoga is from Mercury, the least benefic of the benefics (Streep’s was from Venus, the most benefic of the benefics), and her’s was really a spot-on powerful aspect his conjunction value to Jupiter from Mercury works out to 87%, a bit less.

Still, you don’t expect to get a Charles Manson from a Gaja-keśari like this, no?

So why?

Well, because you can never read a chart by just looking at one thing. You have to look around at everything. Sure you want to prioritize and know which things are more important and impactful than others, and focus mainly on those, but you can’t just pick out one thing and get all the way to a good reading, you need to at least survey the overall chart and the important stuff in it.

In Manson’s case, look at the guy’s moon! (In the Moon certainly is an important player in forming the gaja-keśari-yoga, right?) It’s in exact conjunction with Rahu, in the 10th house. 10th house means prominent. Stuff in the 10th house is prominent by nature. Moon and Rahu in exact conjunction means a very unstable mind and emotions, with a revolutionary, rebellious world-view.

In his navāṁśa also, the Moon remains with Rahu and the 10th house, and there Mars joins the fray lining up with Ketu (nasty stuff). Manson’s Mars, by the way is awful in dignity (check the vimsopak).

To me, this is really the defining feature. Even though I haven’t calculated the moon to be the most prominent planet (I calculated mercury) that’s just my math doesn’t account for what happened in his chart. To have the Moon perfectly aligned with Rahu and the 10th house cusp so strongly that it remains in the Navāṁśa is really impactful and sets the tone for everything else as belonging to a strange person.

Because of that, all the other yogas he has (which include gaja-keśari, mṛdāṅga, lakṣmī, sārasvati, and kalpadruma) have to exist in the context of an unstable mind overwhelmed by revolutionary and rebellious attitudes. So you get a guy with a lot of good qualities: lots of talent, intellect, charisma, looks, oratory… but it gets put to unstable, strange use.

He also has a mahāpuruṣa yoga forming by saturn (I think its called śaśi-yoga if memory serves). So add Saturn’s importance to the mix, more than what the graph shows.

He also has a śūla-yoga (the “spear” yoga – formed as a result of all seven real planets being limited to only three houses). This yoga inclines one to fight.

– Vic DiCara