Meryl Streep – Illustrating Gaja Keshari and other Principles

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Gaja-Keshari Yoga (“The Saffron-Lion Alignment”) is often under-defined and too-liberally identified. The definition per Brhat Parashara Hora chapter 36 follows.

Jupiter must be:

  • In an angle (houses 1, 4, 7, or 10) from either the Ascendant, or the Moon.
  • Influenced by a benefic (Venus or Mercury) by conjunction or aspect.
  • Not weekened state: in a bad sign (enemy’s or debilitated), or combust

The summary of expected effects: “Beautiful, prosperous, intelligent, virtuous, recognized.”

In Meryl Streep’s chart, Jupiter is in the 10th from the Moon and an angle from the Asc (7th); does have a significant aspect from Venus (look carefully at the degrees, its a 90% aspect, very strong); but, it is in an enemy sign.

Meryl Streep does really clearly exemplify the expected effects. I think this is because her yoga is not just “in an angle from the ascendant or the Moon,” its in an angle from the ascendant and the moon. It’s like having “double the yoga.”

Even more than this, when we calculate the overall impact of her planets, we get this graph:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.24.29

Jupiter is hugely influential in the chart, way more than any other single planet. So, the gaja-keśari yoga that Jupiter forms really gets center stage. So the effect of the yoga (“Beautiful, prosperous, intelligent, virtuous, recognized”) is not only quite obvious, but it also dominates her life for a very, very long, stable period of time – she remains beautiful, prosperous, intelligent, virtuous and recognized all through her life and well into old age.

Note that her Jupiter also forms amala (“spotless”) and parvata (“outstanding”) yogas.

Yet one of the effects one expects when Jupiter is involved is some sort of religiosity, and she really is very secular in her (good) virtues. I think we can expect this from Jupiter in Aquarius. She is very virtuous, but its not in a typical religious setting, its in the aquarian-secular setting. Her virtue is known especially by the selfless love for John Cazale.


Why is she an actress

One reason is that the most influential planet (Jupiter) is in the 7th house, which gives her the ability to interact with people and gives her a “kāma” life-focus, where kāma simply means entertainment.

Another thing is that her moon is extremely positive (86% percent dignity, absolutely outstanding) in her 10th house (carrer) with a big aspect from Jupiter (87%, again, check the degrees when calculating aspects), and forming a house-exchange (“parivartana”) with Venus, who is joined the first lord.

Another thing is her 11th house (entertainment house). The 11th lord, Mercury, is in the 11th house with the 9th lord. This probably ought to be a yoga, “11th lord joined with the 9th in the 11th house indicates a very skilled entertainer.” Add to this that, in the navāṁśa the 11th lord of both the aṁśa and the birth chart are joined in the 10th house.

From the Moon, the 11th lord is Jupiter (see everything above), and is in the 10th house (career).

Why is she beautiful? 

One reason is the prominence of Jupiter, of course – since Jupiter is benefic, and since this prominance directly affects the ascendant, and aspecially since Jupiter forms gaja-keśari which has the effect of beauty. But another thing is Venus. Venus is a powerful impact on her 1st lord and on Jupiter.

Most of all, however, it’s the moon in her 10th house forming gaurī-yoga (“Goddess of Beauty Alignment”).

The rules for the alignment:

The Moon is

  • Exalted or in her own sign
  • In an angle or trine (houses 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 or 10)
  • Aspected by Jupiter

Meryl Streep has the moon not only circumstantially exalted, but really and truly in absolutely outstanding overall dignity (86%) when all the amśas are factored in. And the moon is in the 10th house, the most prominent angle, the most prominent position for a yoga planet. And the Moon is aspected by Jupiter (87% strength).

– Vic DiCara