The Effect of Being Very Close to the Border of a Sign

There is a theory that planets lose all their potency and get “weird” when they are really, really close to the border of a sign.

This is a valid theory and Patsy Cline’s horoscope is a good example of it, but the theory has to be balanced against other theories. Particularly, the theory of impact via alignment. Specifically, if the key points of a horoscope (ascendant, Sun and Moon) are very, very close to the sign borders, the planet would actually gain impact by being very, very close to a sign border — because it would then come into influential alignment with those key points. However, without that alignment, the theory of sign borders being like sinkholes that sap the planets energy is a good, workable theory.

Patsy Cline is an example of having two very important planets exactly on the border of a sign, when neither the Ascendant, nor Moon, nor Sun is near the border of a sign… so she is a prime example of planets getting weird and “sucked away” as a result of being on zodiac borders.

[Patsy Cline
born on 8 September 1932 at 23:05 (= 11:05 PM )
Place Winchester, Virginia, 39n11, 78w10]

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– Vic DiCara