Alternate Charts

Question – about the moon’s chart. When you are looking at the chart from the point of view of the moon, are you using that information to add to your understanding of the moon – the person’s mind?
Yeah, but don’t divorce it dualistically from physical reality. Physical reality is only a projection from the emotional reality. Physical reality is subordinate to and founded on the emotional/mental realities. So, the Moon’s chart is quite important, more important than any amśa chart.
Parāśara reccomends that if you want really clear vision of a chart (sudarśan), you should look at the main chart, the moon chart, and the sun chart as a unit. In other words you should weigh the indicators of all three charts before developing firm, concrete interpretations. I would clarify that the main chart is the first, moon second, and sun third in order of importance.
I think its safe to say that all these other aṁśas that people talk about, navāmśa and so on, are less important than the Moon and Sun’s chart.
– Vic DiCara