How to Read a Birth Chart, the Most Important Thing is Figuring out Where to Begin.


Interpretations of planets, signs and houses is important, of course – but it’s not as important as learning how to prioritize all of that stuff and organize it into one cohesive picture.

When you look at a birth chart, you will be bombarded by 90 thousand ideas, possibilities, etc. If you can’t sort out which ones are more and less important, you will start at the wrong spot, pointed in the wrong direction, and wind up way out in left field.

So the first task for reading any birth chart is to calculate the impact of each individual planet (to do this, you need to learn the “ṣaḍ-bāla” calculations, and how to apply them). With the impact of each planet calculated, you know where to begin, you can find the doorway and the path it grants through that myriad of 90 thousand symbols and ideas.

That entry point is simply the planet(s) with the most impact. It must become the backbone, the central pillar, the main outline of your entire interpretation of the whole chart. Use the most impactful planets as the central focus of the entire reading, and the less impactful planets (especially if they are much less impactful) can be almost ignored if they don’t support themes indicated at least somehow by the main, most impactful planet(s).

– Vic DiCara