Lonely Moon (Kemadruma Yoga) Vividly Illustrated by Krishna’s Horoscope

I’ll preface the post by defining what a Lonely Moon (Kemadruma) Yoga is:

The more conditions met, the stronger the yoga becomes. If the first factor is not met, the yoga cannot form at all, even if the rest of the factors are perfectly met. Do not count the Sun or the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) as “planets” when evaluating this yoga.

  1. There is no planet in the 2nd or 12th position from the Moon
  2. There is no planet in an angle to the Moon (i.e. the 1st, 4th, 7th or10th position)
  3. There is no planet in an angle to the ascendant
  4. The Moon is not in an angle to the ascendant

The effect of the yoga is detachment, undervaluing of the world, and therefore losing ones position.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 13.43.51

No planet in 2 or 12 from Moon, so there is Kemadruma (“lonely moon”).
There is no “planet” in the Moon’s angles or the Ascendants angles, the only planets are Sun, Rahu and Ketu, which don’t count for lessening the Kemadruma. So the intensity just rocketed up two levels.
The Moon is in an angle, which doesn’t increase the intensity, but if you ask me, in this case it does, because the Moon is really in the 1st house, on the ascendant, which means this yoga has to have obvious effect right from birth.
So Krishna’s chart is an example of a very, very severe Kemadruma yoga. And the actual outcome is that although he was born into royalty, he had to immediately be smuggled out of the political arrest his parents were under and lived in hiding for 11 years in a farm-villiage, where he was regularly attacked by assassins sent looking for him.
Now, Krishna’s like is ANYTHING but a tale of woe. Nonetheless we do see adverse circumstances like this forming the backdrop against which his blissful life unfolded.
Perhaps it is the Moon being in an angle which prevents the Kemadruma from being ABSOLUTELY lethal, but more that that I think it is the extremely strong positivity and impact of his Moon. Its exalted, and we don’t know the exact degree, but its easy to know based on yogas required for a Viṣṇu incarnation that it must have been in very, very good amśas (subdivisions).
Also the degrees of Venus and Saturn aren’t precicely known, but especially if they are towards the end of Libra, they would be giving significant aspect to the Moon and Ascendant, which seems quite likely since they are in Raja-Yoga in exaltation and own-sign in the 6th house, indicating that by power and grace Krishna would overcome all enemies and obsticles. So this counterbalances the effect.
So the upshot is that while in the farm-villiage he lived a wondrously beautiful and happy life, and then when he turned 12 (at which time he was physically matured to the equivalent of a 16 year old), he left hiding, returned to the city, directly destroyed the enemy who had caused the whole problem, restored his grandfather to the throne and returned to his royal situation.
A really vivid illustration of an extremely powerful Kemadruma yoga offset by a moon that has extremely good dignity (positivity) and impact, and a significant aspect from raja-yoga in the 6th house formed by planets with very, very high dignity.
– Vic DiCara