Why Does Saturn Like to be in Libra?


QUESTION: “I am still not clear why Libra gives such a good platform for Saturn to develop all their good qualities. Why is it that the resources of Libra fit so good for Saturn expression?”

MY REPLY: Venus (the owner of Libra) is ideal for Saturn. Venus is the only planet generous and kind enough to take good care of cranky old Saturn. By associating with Venus Saturn feels warmer, loved, and less harsh.

Libra and Saturn are both air-elementals.

Libra is Cardinal, which helps Saturn move in a direction with great tenacity (as opposed to just standing still stubbornly, or stubbornly refusing to come to any decision. Cardinal is the best modality for Saturn as it counterbalances Saturn’s slowness).

Libra is the 7th sign, which correlates to the West, which is where Saturn is strong.

Most of all: Libra is the sign of equality and fairness, Saturn is the Śudra (proletariat) – the person who benefits most from equality and fairness.

– Vic DiCara