QUESTION: Would you say that my migraines are indicated by the proximity of Rahu to the Moon, or by the proximity of Mercury to Mars, or by the position of the sun?

MY REPLY: Migraines affect the “head” in a mental sense: the brain / mind. Mind = moon and brain / nervous system = Mercury. These two need to be afflicted to get problems like migraines. Normally I would expect Rahu/Ketu to be one of the afflicting factors. And another contributor to the affliction should be Mars, for pain, tension, too much energy. For example If you get Moon and Mercury lining up with Rahu/Ketu (or clustered near Rahu or Ketu), and additionally theres a conjunction or aspect of Mars — There is a recipies indicating mind/nervous disorders like migraines.

So far this only concerns planets. Confirmation needs to be there from houses, too. The 5th house is for the brain. The 6th house is illness. So add the 5th lord to Moon and Mercury as one of the focal points subject to affliction from Rahu/Ketu and another malefic (Sun, Saturn, or Mars, particularly Mars). Add the 6th lord as one of the malefics who can cause the affliction.

And look at the 5th house itself. Is it afflicted in the above manner?

When you get some of the above, predict milder migraines which aren’t constant and lifelong. When you get all of the above, predict severe lifelong migraines.

– Vic DiCara