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“Prabhu,” Devahūti would request, “please also answer my question about time.”

“The supernatural thing which causes all forms to evolve from the great primal origin is called ‘Time,’” Kapila explained. “It is feared by those with separatist vision.”

“Why?” She would ask.

“Time is the powerful master,” Kapila explained. “In comparison to time everyone and everything is weak and subordinate. It destroys the very things it sustains, and is inescapably omnipresent.”

“Surely some good comes from time, also.” She would say.

“Yes,” Kapila explained. “Time is also known as “Viṣṇu,” since, like Viṣṇu it causes good deeds to bear fruit.”

“Does time discriminate and show partiality,” she would wonder, “giving harsh results to some and gentle results to others?”

“No,” Kapila explained. “Time loves no one, hates no one, and makes no treaties. Time never sleeps, and thus it impartially ruins those who sleep.”

Devahūti understood that if we…

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