Is this Kali-Yuga?


Śrī Yukteśwar

Is this Kali-Yuga?

QUESTION: I am trying to understand why my translation of srimad bhagavatam refers to the present age as kali yuga. However sri yuktesvar says we are in dvapara. Are you familiar with his arguments? Is it possible the translation of sb as applied to modern times is erroneous?

Śrī Yukeśvar developed his own idea of the yugas, breaking from tradition. His is non-standard because it treats the yuga “years” as solar years, not celestial years. Also his is non-standard because he proposes that the four yugas do not revolve, they “ascend” and “descend.” This is also just his own idea. Neither of these ideas are traditional or scriptural. All purāṇas define the yugas in celestial years, and as revolving in regular order (not "ascending and descending”).