Astrology and Hare Krishna Devotees


Astrology and Hare Krishna Devotees

Almost always, every astrologer you visit will tell you something different. I think the simple reason is that astrology is a broken science, there is no clear, authoritative śāstra on it, and there is no intact paramparā representing and illustrating that paramparā. Some “puṇḍits” will try to tell you that there is “śāstra” and “paramparā” for astrology, but this is very shallow. At least in Kali Yuga, astrology is a speculative science, and in modern times not much resource or funding has been devoted to experimentation (which is a necessity for speculative sciences), and thus the science is fairly ruined.

Even though it is a ruined science, I do think that people in general can derive a lot of benefit from it, since it tends to lead people towards more introspective outlooks, places them into closer contact with the divinity of nature, and helps them begin to understand important concepts like destiny, self, and the divine.

For the most part, I don’t think Krishna devotees who have the opportunity to engage in sādhana-bhakti should rely on astrology, their sādhana-bhakti is already beyond the final destination that astrology can bring them to. Such devotees should read Śrīmad Bhāgavatam instead of read their birth charts, and they should hear Kīrtan from śuddha-bhaktas rather than hear speculative astrological prognostications from the mouths of self-made “puṇḍits.”

Kīrtan of the Hare Krishna mahāmantra immediately causes ceto darpana marjana — it immediately cleans the reflectivity of the mind, enabling us to see ourselves, our world, and our situation very easily. Devotees who have access to chanting this mantra under the guidance of sincere and experienced Vaiṣṇavas should never recourse to mundane or mystical guidance like psychological theories or astrological calculations. They should seek only to focus on the names of Krishna, knowing that all uncertainties will resolve automatically by doing so.

Of course, something also called “astrology" is required to calculate calendars and establish timings for devotional events like Janmāṣṭhamī, etc. I am not talking about this astrology, I am talking about the normal kind, where you go to someone and ask them to resolve your confusions about yourself and your life.

Let the general public who has no access and no confidence in the process of bhakti-sādhana (crowned by nāma-saṅkīrtana) come to astrologers. Hopefully fate will guide them to genuine persons who can deliver spiritual upliftment to them inspire of the technical shortcomings of the astrological science in the current historical epoch (kali-yuga). But lets not encourage the devotees who have the chance to develop confidence in nāma-saṅkīrtanādi bhakti-sādhana to trade in their diamonds for broken glass by giving their trust and hopes to the workings of karma as speculated upon by the imperfect senses and mind of we meager astrologers.