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Vic DiCara Bio for Lunar Cafe

Vic is one of those guys who reads Ptolemy and Sanskrit, and tests astrological theories by writing equations in computer code — but unlike most of “those guys” he always puts his knowledge to work in a way that is practical, beneficial, and understandable to even the simplest person on the sidewalk.

He has devoted himself wholeheartedly to bhakti-yoga (the yoga of love) since 1990, and has eagerly studied and practiced for year in āśramas in the holiest towns of India. He lovingly pours his extensive knowledge of spiritual practice and philosophy into every reading, every article, every word. But he’s not some “out there” guru type. He is the father of four lovely children and lives with his beautiful and intelligent wife in southern Japan. His being both in the “normal” world and “spiritual” world at the same time gives his writing and readings a very unique clarity and power.

He is a professional musician and songwriter who has released several albums and toured internationally and in the US many, many times. Currently he and his wife record kīrtan in the bhakti-yoga tradition. He is a prolific writer who published six titles just in the past two years:

  • 27 Stars, 27 Gods — The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India
  • The Great Big Crystal Ball in the Sky, Part I
  • A Simple Gītā
  • Beautiful Tales of the All Attractive, Volume I & II
  • To Dance in the Downpour of Devotion

His astrological system is a very unique bridge between “Vedic” and “Western” models; highly contemporary yet with extreme fidelity to the ancient origins.

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