Hardcore and Casual Followers of Astrology


Hardcore and Casual Followers of Astrology

I think there are two broad groups of people into astrology. Maybe we can call them “hardcore” and “casual” but those terms are admittedly a little misleading because the “casual” follower of astrology could be just as intensely devoted to the subject as the “hardcore” follower. The distinction is simply that “hardcore” followers get into detail well beyond Sun, Moon and Rising signs – and often tend to want a methodical and scientific approach to the art; whereas “casual” followers are satisfied with what inspiration and guidance they derive from interpretations of their Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that the content of your site (lunarcafe.com) currently caters to the “casual” group? People who work with me or tend to visit my site are very predominantly of the “hardcore” group. So I think a link from my site to yours won’t pan out much for you, but at least I can mention your appealing site here in this blog! =)

Thank you,
Vic DiCara