Second Marriage for Mangal-dosha

Second Marriage for Mangal-dosha


I’ve heard that the second marriage of a person with Mangal dosha will be much smoother. Is that so?

My Answer:

People say so many things about Mangal dosha (The effect of Mars on relationships), but most of them have no idea what they are talking about, they are just talking. Sorry to say that. I find that people have a hard time keeping things simple and clear. The effect of Mangala dosha is that the person with it is overly independent and feels constrained in relationships, especially monogamy and that sort of culture. If they marry someone similar, the effect is less noticeable because the two partners understand one another instinctively and give enough space. Potentially it could be true that the mangal-influenced person would learn enough from the first failure that they would improve on the next marriage, but I think that is up for grabs and depends on the individual. It don’t think its reliable to say that the second marriage of a mangleek person to a non-mangaleek person will be smooth. Rather, a mangal-dosh person should marry another mangal-dosh person, or, if that is impossible, the partner who is not under the influence of mangal so strongly will need to do some personal evolution to learn how to empathize with the mangal/mars energy and its need for space, freedom, independence even within the context of long-term monogamy.