Horrible Omens


Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.17.2:

Saintly Diti was worried about what her husband had revealed about her children, so she prolonged the pregnancy for a full one hundred years before giving birth to the twins.

When they were born, many upheavals in earth, sky, and hearts of the people made everyone very afraid.

Now, 4-14 will describe many of these upheavals.

The immovable ground shook. Blazing meteors and comets fell like missiles from all directions of the sky, foretelling suffering.

Terrible winds howled again and again. Armies of tornados uprooted strong trees, with clouds of dust blowing like their flags.

Masses of clouds roared hysterically with lightning, blocking the light from the luminaries in the sky, so thoroughly enveloping the world in darkness that no one could even see their own feet.

The ocean cried out miserably with her wave arms raised high, disturbing all the creatures within her. The wells and rivers became so polluted that their lotus flowers withered.

The Sun and Moon were eclipsed repeatedly. Claps of thunder tore open the sky and rumbled like broken chariots.

Fearsome wild animals came right into the middle of towns and vomited their guts out. Jackals and owls howled and moaned horribly.

The dogs who guarded the towns joined them, raising their snouts to the skies and howling — sometimes as if singing, and sometimes as lamenting.

Donkeys went mad and ran wildly in herds, slamming their hard hooves into the earth and braying insanely.

Hearing them shrieking, birds abandoned their nests and fearfully fled into the skies, while cows in the fields suddenly passed stool and urine.

Blood stained the milk of those terrified cows. Pus rained down from the clouds. Temple deities cried. Trees fell without any wind.

Inauspicious planets moved retrograde into inauspicious constellations, to overlap and conquer the light of the auspicious planets.

Note for astrologers: Mars and Saturn moved retrograde into destructive nakshatra, and came thus into the same degree and declination of the auspicious planets, such that their light outshone the auspicious light and thus all the auspicious planets were defeated in “graha-yudha” by the inauspicious planets (thus, Mercury and Venus were probably conjunct).

Seeing these terrible upheavals, everyone except the four sons of Brahmā became confused. Unable to decipher the meaning of these signs, they thought the whole world was about to be destroyed.