Rahu – Boars and Advice

Rahu – Boars and Advice

Q: Is it true that, astrologically, personalities under the influence of Rahu may find special shelter and protection at the feet of the Boar incarnation of Viṣṇu (Varāha)?

The first chapter of Bṛhat Parāśara Hora Śāstra tries to tie its system of astrology into the Purāṇic worldview by correlating the 9 planets to 9 of the 10 Viṣṇu-avatāra who became popular in relatively recent history (maybe as a result of Jayadeva Goswami’s poems) as the “daśāvatār” (“ten descents”).

The author(s) of that book / chapter suggest the following correlations:

Sun <—> Rāma
Moon <—> Krishna
Mercury <—> Buddha
Venus <—> Paraśurāma (destroyer of warriors)
Mars <—> Narasiṁha
Jupiter <—> Trivikrama (the giant, expander)
Saturn <—> Kūrma (the weight-bearer)
Rahu <—> Varāha (the boar)
Ketu <—> Matsya (the fish)

The affinity between the Boar and Rahu is that the Boar takes what is very low and raises it up. Similarly Rahu causes revolutions and gives the proletariats positions of power and influence.

This chapter is just an attempt to grant credibility to this particular type of Astrology when it was being introduced into India as an amalgam of extra-Indian sources blended with the indigeounus, ancient Indian astrology. It is not meant to say that someone with strong influence of a given planet will have some special relationship to a specific avatāra.

This is all an over-inflation of the importance and role of astrology. The relationship between the soul and the Supersoul is far, far, far beyond the realm of karmic cause and effect. Therefore astrology has no authority to determine it directly.

Q: What would you recommend to person strongly under the influence of Rahu?

I recommend that they find a worthy cause. Rahu indicates the need to cause revolutions. So persons with a lot of Rahu influence need to find a revolution worth fighting for. That is the most important thing.

Another recommendation is that they don’t try to attain positions that require conformity and bureaucracy and have a lot of hierarchy. That will only prove a frustration and failure. Rahu people are successful on their own, writing their own schedules, their own rules, etc.

Vic DiCara