Rituals up the Wazoo!


ancient-Vedic-rituals-Q: I know many astrologers recommend, if something is potentially bad, to counteract it with perhaps a ceremony, type of metal, etc. In your opinion, is that useful?

Most Indian astrologers are karmīs, karma-kaṇḍīs. Thus they think that rituals are the be-all and end-all of everything. They think that rituals are all-powerful. That’s not my style at all. I am an “ānanda-kaṇḍī” a “bhakta.” I think that love and devotion are all-powerful, not rituals. If something is off in a chart or in a compatibility, its not rituals and do-dads that make it better, its better understanding and mutual understanding to clear the way for purer love. Thats what really gets us past the shortcomings in our charts or in our compatibility. And thats really the whole purpose of living and relating to one another, to grow towards the fuller bliss of purer love.