Predictions by Universal Principles


Q: Are there any universal principles for when its good or not good to do a business transaction? For example, I heard its not good to do anything important in business when Mercury is Retrograde.


Those “universal principles” are misleading, and ultimately pretty useless.

If you take several dozen of such principles (but only take them from reliable sources, like for example Sanskrit or Greek authors) and consider them all at the same time, in a systematic way – you wind up with something accurate, reliable, and useful. That’s what I do when I help people find auspicious dates and times for important business transactions.

Any single  principle on its own is practically useless. Its like the principle that, “smoking causes cancer.” Yes its true that smoking causes cancer, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who ever smoked a cigarette gets cancer, nor does it mean that everyone who gets cancer gets it only by smoking a cigarette. Similarly, trying to time things by Mercury’s retrograde, or any other single principle, is not effective. It would be like predicting that a person has cancer because you see them buying cigarettes.

If you can see several cancer causing factors in a person, then you can make a reliable prediction that they are going to get cancer. Similarly in astrology you have to consider multiple factors and how they interact with one another, and how they interact with a certain individual’s birth chart.

– Vic DiCara