Friends & Grief :: Saturn Opposes Mercury


tumblr_meffl36pok1rw9bhmo1_500Right now Saturn is moving slowly retrograde (backwards, which intensifies its affect in transit, especially when its slow), and Mercury is coming into exact alignment with it 180º away (“opposition”).

Saturn, in its most abstract generalized symbolism, represents grief and finality. Mercury, abstractly, represents the people we interact with and enjoy life with – our friends (and also represents interaction itself: communication).

Seeing the opposition between Saturn and Mercury on its way a few days ago, I figured it didn’t look good for communications, especially with friends.

Sure enough, for the past few days I’ve been involved non-stop in intellectual (mercury) disagreements (mercury under saturn), difficult (saturn) conversations (mercury) and suffered the surprising end of an important friendship. A very close friend also suffered a similar difficulty threatening an important friendship.

Not sure how many of you reading this AT THIS TIME (May 2, 2014) are experiencing something simiar. And that’s the really interesting part! Why does a transit affect some people but  not everyone?

Because not everyone has an astrological makeup that is sensitive to the transit in question. A transit will influence people who are receptive, sensitive to that transit.

For example, this Saturn-Mercury alignment occurs almost exactly in alignment with the position of my “Natal Saturn” (the position of Saturn in my birth chart), which is itself almost exactly aligned to the Imum Coeli and Medium Coeli (“MC/IC” / “Midheaven”) axis! So my horoscope is very sensitive to this particular transit.

Mercury moves fast, so this particular alignment will dissipate soon, I doubt more than a few days left to this type of experience I am having now. However Saturn moves slow, and particularly slow right now. So Saturn will be affecting my MC/IC axis for a pretty good while yet. But me and Saturn are on pretty good terms 😉 – especially being that my rising sign is his, Capricorn. I’ll survive.

Another interesting thing happening for me right now is that Rahu is exactly transiting my Natal Jupiter. I have been directly interacting a lot more than usual with my guru this month (guru = Jupiter), and in a week or so will spend a day or two with him (a rare thing… Rahu=travel, Jupiter=guru).

Vic DiCara