Geocentrism, No Need to be Embarrassed


there is no such thing as absolute motion. All motion is relative. Object A moves in reference to object B. If object A exists in an absolute vacuum, no motion is possible, because there is no other entity for motion to be gauged against. (motion means change in position – so there must be a reference point to determine position).

So, therefore, motion is alway determined by your point of view. If you are sitting in a train, the land appears to be in motion. If you are standing on the land, the train appears to be in motion. A car headed into an intersection appears to be in motion, because the intersection appears to be stationary, because it is connected to the ground on which we, the observer stand. The observers locus is always the fixed point! But if the observer elevates into the clouds or into orbit, will the car still appear to be moving, or won’t they both , intersection and car be seen to be in motion?

So, you can say that the universe spins around Meru, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also say that the earth spins around the Sun, etc. etc. etc. If you are speaking from the point of view experienced at Meru, the universe spins around it. If you are speaking from the point of view of a human, the universe spins around the earth. This is not wrong, geocentric astronomy is not wrong, its just from an old-fashioned point of view – a practical point of view – the point of view that the earth is important because its our home. Heliocentric astronomy is also not wrong, but its from a more abstract, philosophical, impractical point of view – the theoretical view of things as if our center of observation was the sun. If we in the future become still more abstract and sophisticated we may choose another reference point as the best center – perhaps the center of our galaxy or perhaps some understanding of “mt. meru” – then we would see that its pretty provincial to say that the earth revolves around the sun, when both of them are revolving around something much more important.

Like that… motion is relative, so there is more than one correct and accurate way to describe any motion.

So, yes, the sun goes around the earth. And yes, the earth also goes around the sun.

– Vic DiCara