NEW BOOK: Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive, Canto TWO!


My new book on Bhakti Yoga – the second division of Bhāgavata Purāṇa. Besides the spiritual interest, this also explains the evolution of the universe from a Vedic / Puranic perspective.

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श्री श्री वृषभानुनन्दिनीनन्दनन्दनौ विजयेताम्

Volume 2 Now Available!

The beautiful story and message of India’s most beloved Purana in refreshingly straightforward, direct and artistic language – bringing out the enjoyable storyline, soul-delighting spiritual ecstacy, and philosophical nuances of the original Sanskrit poetry without ever becoming bulky, cumbersome, or dull.

In Śrīmad Bhāgavatam’s 2nd Volume, Śuka explains that the first step towards self-realization is to comprehend the divine nature of the world all around us; the second step, to comprehend the divine nature within us; and the third, to comprehend the divine nature in its own right. To vividly illustrate this, he tells the tale of Brahmā’s ecstatic darśan with Hari, and the subsequent education of his son, Nārada, during which
Brahmā explains the creation and
proto-evolution of the universe.

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