Hyleg and Anareta in my Birth Chart Overviews


Recently, a person who got my new Birth Chart overview asked if I could also tell her the Hyleg and Anareta.

Hyleg and Anareta are very specific Hellenistic calculations. Since I’m not an expert in specific Hellenistic techniques I can’t exactly say what the Hyleg and Anareta are in your chart. But essentially the Hyleg and Anareta is a universal astrological principle. Hyleg is the planet who is the most beneficial when the dignity and similar factors are assessed from a few different vantage points. Basically, then, Hyleg is your “best” planet. Anareta is pretty much the opposite, with a few extra stipulations thrown in. Essentially, then, Anareta is your “worst” planet.

More or less, like I said, I don’t specialize in Hellenistic calculations and techniques. I’m just universalizing the principles behind Hyleg and Anareta.

The interesting thing is that my Birth Chart overview already contains the info you need to know to essentially figure out your Hyleg and Anareta – or at least a universal version of it. In the report, find the planet with the highest green bar in the positivity chart. Thats pretty reasonably close to the Hyleg. Even better, really, look at the graph that has positivity and impact combined. The planet with the highest combination of the impact bar (purplish) and positivity bar (greenish) is really very close to how Ptolemy would asses the Hyleg, I believe.

Anareta could be assessed in a similar way – the combination of the highest impact and lowest positivity is much like the Anareta.

– Vic DiCara