On a Personal Level – Getting a Tropical chart after embracing a Sidereal one


Now and then, not too infrequently, when some long-term clients hear that I switched from a purely sidereal system to a tropical-sidereal hybrid (sidereal for stars, tropical for signs), they wonder if they should abandon my old calculations from years ago and get a whole new update on their astrology. Here’s a reply to that question:

It’s up to you to decide if you want to get a new perspective on your horoscope or not. Sometimes it’s too jarring for people to have to change their perspective and accept new definitions of who they are, astrologically. “Wait, I always thought of myself as Gemini rising, Now I am Cancer?” It can be very disconcerting – and this is honestly the main reason (even if subconsciously) why most “vedic”/Indian astrologers and astrology clients are so skeptical and hesitant to accept what is so clearly stated in Sanskrit śāstra about the zodiac.

Anyway, you have to be at the right place in your life where you are ready to re-evaluate how things like that apply to your self-understanding. If you feel that you ARE at a relatively strong place (by abundance or need) for doing that, then I personally feel it will be very enriching to consider the zodiac-oriented details of your horoscope from the tropical perspective, because once you get past the initial disorientation, things make a lot more sense a lot more easily.

– Vic DiCara