From a Student, About Astrological Houses


Here is a recent exchange with Mercedes Lozano Fidalgo, a lady who recently studied my Essential Fundamentals course. I really think she hit some brilliant points, so I am sharing it with her permission.

About The 12/6 House Axis:

Both houses “erode” us: 12th house directly erodes the 1st house (us) and the 6th house indirectly erodes us by supporting those who are “not us” (7th house).  The “higher path” of the 12th is spirituality and the “higher path” of the 6th is service to others.  So this tells me that, in the “natural” order, we are born (1st house) to live a life of spirituality (12th house) and service (6th house) – and doing so is the way we help ourselves best. [By “spirituality” I mean always remembering that our physical self and current birth (1st house) are only transitory. 


Another way of saying it: The 12th erodes us (1st) and so tells us that service to God (spirituality as ‘higher path of 12th) is our true self-interest, whereas the 6th supports the 7th and thus shows that service to others is also in our true self-interest.


The thing is for all this to happen, 1st (us) is key.  So it automatically, naturally, gives us (1st) importance – we are a child of godhead, let us not forget this – it all happens through us (1st).  Although not necessarily from us.

About the 6th and 2nd compared to the 12th and 8th (The two houses that flank the eastern and western horizon, with 6 and 2 being under the horizons and 12 and 8 being above them), she says:

The 6th like the 2nd house seems to be more linked to ‘physical’ things whereas the 12th and 8th are more ‘not physical’ (can’t find the exact word that describes what I mean to say). 

About the 2/8 House Axis:

The 2/8 house axis has an opposite theme to the 12/6 axis. It is about those that help us because the 2nd supports the 1st and the 8th erodes the 7th (those who are not us). 2nd helps us by providing physical support like food, family, etc.  8th helps us by “erodes others”, in other words lending us their strength and resources – and giving us somewhat “occult” or “psychological” insight into their “secrets.”

The 1/7 House Axis:

The 1/7 axis is one thing in two locations – the single horizon spread from east to west. This simply tells me: “deep down we are the others, we are one.” 1 and 7, self and partners, are the same, equal – and Godhead is beyond both. We (1st house) and others (7th house) are essentially the same, because we are both products of Godhead. So we may not like the behaviour of a person but we must always respect this person, when may disagree but that doesnt mean we disrespect them by forgetting or ignoring that they are also a part of Godhead.

About Freewill:

I think a birth chart does not show us completely.  The missing element is free will.  I see that what I am is everything represented in the birth chart AND something else.  The planets only seem to indicate what subparts of me I have inherited in this birth, each with their strengths and weaknesses.  But I am not limited to that. Because the part of me that is outside of the birth chart can decide whether or not I will choose to find ways and apply those ways to moderate my strengths and weaknesses to reduce the effect of bad strong parts of mine and help weak parts. That is not something that astrology will decide for me. 

I’m quite proud that a student of one of my classes has such solid and deep realizations after studying the material I’ve presented. It is to her credit, but I’m also quite happy to be a part of it.