Why Am I Suffering Right Now?


Sastra tells us that suffering (such as what you are going through now) arises from prarabdha karma, the destiny manifest as a result of our previous deeds. Our deeds manifest as a result of our desires, which are a result of our attitudes, which are a result of having an ego – an individual sense of identity – that is not in alignment with the fundamentals of reality.

This suffering is not pointless – it is something we need to help us move closer, step by step, to embracing the ultimate need to rid ourselves of an ego that is misaligned with reality. Everything happening to you now is a result of your past deeds – so at present you have no control over it. You already had control. The archer has control of the arrow until he lets go of it. The present is an arrow you fired in the past. But the present is another opportunity to fire more arrows.

So it is important to fire them in the right direction – that is done by changing our desires, inclinations, and ultimately our false-ego. The suffering experienced from holding on to false-ego is part of the medicine to help us let go of false ego – which is actually our true hearts-desire. So face your suffering in a bravely humble manner. Then it will liberate it. Come what may, we will focus only on the present, and on creating a brighter future for ourselves by acting more in alignment with the fundamental reality of Godhead.

React to your current situation with a cool head. No situation is impossible. The Supreme Personality sees to the protection of every entity. It is up to us to accept and avail ourselves of that protection, not fight against it. What will happen in your fate is what will happen. Try to make the best of it. Just do your best in a detached mood and focus on spiritual evolution as the ultimate goal of your life.