A “Practical” Astrology Book


I am writing a book about the philosophy of astrology. Here is a section from the introduction:

There are hordes of d-i-y astrologers flocking for how-to guides. I am not here to disparage or discourage them, but many of them seem to be under the impression that a book such as this one is not “practical.” How unfortunate! What can be more practical than knowledge!? Especially when dealing with the very abstract and sophisticated symbolic science of astrology, how can there be anything more useful than gaining a deeper grasp of the underlying significance of things? If you know how to operate a thing, but don’t know why you should operate it – is that very good? If you know how to operate a saw but don’t know what it should be used for, you might wind up doing a lot of damage. A book like this informs us why astrology should be used. It does not leap into paint-by-the-number guides to answering specific questions posed to the crystal ball. It does something much more valuable. It grants us the foundational comprehension by which all questions can be beneficially answered, and it gives us the information we always need to convey in any answer to any question!