How to Read a Daśā Without Being a Rocket Scientist


ImageYou don’t have to mine the utmost regions of the chart from the start. You have to get a basic feeling for things first – just by looking at the simplest stuff, but thinking deeply about it. That’s the key to the first step of the reading – a dasha reading or any reading – look at the simplest factors, but think about them deeply and get an intuition, a feeling, a sense for what the specific combination of those very simple factors means.

So, if you see Rahu in the 3rd house and Moon in the 6th… thats a TON of information to start you figuring out what the Rahu Dasha will be like. From this you know that Rahu is in the 3rd and the 10th from the Moon. Now you can just focus deeply on the significations of the 3rd house, 10th house, and rahu – and then come up with your initial concepts of what the essential theme of the Rahu dasa is going to involve.

When you think deeply about the 3rd house you should remember themes like independence, instruction, reading, writing, creating art, having bravery and boldness and so on.

When you think deeply about the 10th house, you’ll remember that its about career, recognition, leaving the home, leaving behind ones roots and security.

Now think deeply about Rahu, the dasa-lord, and see what it has in common with the 3rd and 10th houses. Rahu is about independence, it is revolutionary, it is wild, unconventional, uncontrolled, compulsive, inventive, futuristic and powerful.

Now let the three sets of concepts brew in your mind for a few minutes and some concrete ideas will materialize to your understanding. “Oh, I see. In the Rahu period this guy will fearlessly and wildly give up his cultural roots.” Because after all 3rd house is about independence and boldness, rahu is about the same stuff, and the 10th house is about leaving behind the home.

And you’ll see, “The guy will be writing and creating art, and reading like a wildman. This will become his career. All of that writing and creativity and reading will all be of a very countercultural, revolutionary tenor.” Because that’s just what pops into your mind when you think about Rahu, the 3rd house and the 10th house all at once.

And these are EXACTLY the things that happened to the person during the Rahu dasa. And you can get a dozen more permutations of Rahu + 3rd House + 10th house = _____ and all of those would VERY likely be correct as major themes spanning the Rahu dasa.