How the Universe Became the Universe (Vedic Proto-Evolution)


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The Vedic view on primordial evolution (as for example expressed in Bhāgavata Purana, 2.5) is that time enters the material energy (which itself is a threefold energy reflecting the original threefold energy of Godhead). When time enters, things can proceed, things can evolve. The force driving the evolution is the svabhāva, which is the psychological disposition of the living entities who wish to project themselves into that material energy. This interaction between svabhāva and the tri-guṇa (threefold material energy) causes the universe to acquire a primordial collective destiny (karma) – which I conceptualize as a “DNA code” for the entire universe.

All this happens, by the way, before creation – while the universe is lying as a “bubble” in the “ocean of causality” aka “ocean of possibility.”

This primordial evolutionary state of the universe is ahaṁkāra – the primeval, collective universal sense that “I will act, I will accomplish…

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