What does “Gaja Kesari” mean?

Gaja Lakshmi
Gaja Lakshmi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gaja can mean the following:

1. Elephant (of which there are 8 types recognized in Sanskrit)
2. Hence, the number 8
3. A measure of length (a sum of 8 units)
4. A musical measurement
5. A foundation of earth upon which a house is built

Essentially it means “elephant” the other meanings are derived from that essential meaning.

Kesari can mean (assuming that the spelling is keza in Harvard-Kyoto Sanskrit transliteration):

1. Hair
2. Tail
3. Mane
4. Perfume

Essentially it means “hair.” A lion has a mane, so it can be referred to as a kezari.

If the spelling is not kezari but kesari, the meanings are:

1. Same meanings of Hair / Mane / Etc.
2. Saffron
3. Sulfates
4. Filaments of plants
5. Gold

Essentially it means Saffron – which has a color similar to sulfates and gold, and is produced from the pollen in plant filaments.

Now, this yoga – Gaja-Kesari – is formed by Jupiter. Jupiter’s color is saffron. Therefore the main meaning of the term Gaja-Kesari in astrology is:

– A mound of saffron.

Saffron is a color of religious significance – so the “mound of saffron” suggests the traits of Jupiter become ample: morality, philosophy, charity, learning, etc.

Other possible meanings, “golden elephant,” “heap of gold”, are also useful as images to evoke the prosperity caused by the Gaja Keshari yoga.

Others, “Elephant-lion” or “hairy elephant” are not very useful! 🙂


  1. rajesh says:

    Is it only Jupiter producing this yoga? Is it not combination of Jupiter & moon by placement is producing this yoga. how moon influences this yoga?


    1. Jupiter having an angular relationship to the moon is the first principle defining the yoga.


  2. ash says:

    which is better having jupiter in trinity or having jupiter in angle because i read that jupiter casts direct aspects on houses and signs which are placed in fifth and ninth from it.I read somewhere that adolf hitler had jupiter conjunct moon but then why didn’t he end up as a good human being or at least someone with morals.Instead he became a mad man who was ruthless and adictator.Shouldn’t jupiter conjunct moon give opposite effect


    1. I dont have the time to answer fully. I have to give that time to students and my own projects.

      Hitler had Ketu with the Moon and Jupiter, but it is the mars and saturn effect upon his 1st lord in the 8th house that is crucial in his chart.


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