Praying to Planets


The process of dealing therapeutically with planets is termed “Graha-Shanti” – which means “making peace with your planets.” We chant mantras, give charity, etc. as a means of dissolving tension between ourselves and a planetary karmic force. We can imagine that we are trying to change the planet’s attitude towards us, but it is more true to realize that we are trying to change our attitude towards the karma held for us by that planet. We are making peace with the planet, not cajoling the planet to make peace with us. Chanting a mantra for a specific planet, for example, will change our attitude towards that planet, and put us in a humble, receptive, devotional mood towards the destiny that planet holds for us. That change in attitude will change our subjective experience of our destiny – which is all important, for our lives are nothing but subjective experience.



  1. gourav patri says:

    and to find out what is wrong in one’s attitude we have to find a good astro guru like you who would tell us .well what are your views for the gemstone therapy whats the funda behind it and how to know what gemstones will suit an individual ,is it always the rasis lord and lagnesh lord ratna that one should go for?


    1. Dear Gourav, Please see – I mention gems at the end.


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