Dignity, Potency, and Opportunity for Planets



There are essentially three things to consider when interpreting any planet in a horoscope: (1) How positive / negative is it? (2) How much power and umph is behind that positivity or negativity? (3) How does the planet get, or not get, the opportunity to deliver that positive / negative umph.

The first question is answered by the theory of dignity; the second by the theory of potency; the third by the theory of alignment.

Dignity is a way to evaluate how well a planet gets along with the planet that “hosts” it. Every planet owns a sign, that planet is the “host” of any planet that happens to be in its sign. The measure of sweet/sour in the relationship between the host and guest is called “dignity.” The sweeter the relationship, the more positive the guest behaves in the horoscope, and visa versa.

“Bala” is a way to evaluate how much umph a planet has. There are more than a dozen factors that work together to determine this.

“Alignment” is a question of how accurately a planet lines up with the degree of the more important points in the horoscope: Ascendant, Moon, and Sun.

Taking these three factors into consideration, an astrologer can make relatively sophisticate judgements and interpretations.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Vic Please explain in short tht while using solar fire , u take tropical zodiac with whole house system. Is it correct or some other way u do the analysis.


    1. I don’t think I understand your question.

      Solar Fire will not allow you to calculate sidereal nakshatras independently from the tropical rashis, unless there is some way that I dont know of. I use Kala software. In the settings of that program, I set the nakshatras to be sidereal / Lahiri, and I set the rashis to be tropical. Yes, I use whole sign houses.

      Solar Fire, tropical zodiac, whole sign houses will give you an accurate calculation of the planets positions in reference to the rashis/signs – not the nakshatras/ stars


      1. Thanks Vic for explaining me in detail. This is so nice of you. May I request you in the last to guide me how to calculate progression like transit, solar arc etc in Kala. In solar fire we do have the option, does the kala also have this option


        1. Kala has screens for transits and progressions (varshaphala), but for questions about how to use the software you should contact their tech support.


          1. Thanks Vic, I just wanted to know tht is there any smilar mechanism of calculating transits, progressions available in Kala as we have the option in solar fire. I normally calculate progressions and triggers of planets through solar fire and then derive whether they are malefic or benefic.


            1. Best way to find that out is to inquire from the people who make Kala.


  2. Thanks Vic for having given me the time. I just wanted to congratulate you for your excellent way of analysing the things. I follow energy matrix astrology and try to integrate western astrology with vedic astrology. I must say it gives astonishing results. Regards


    1. Sorry I don’t have more time to give.


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