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Election 2012

If you know me at all, you know that normally I really don’t care much about modern politics and don’t normally do this sort of astrology, but I got an inspiration to take a look at the whole thing from a different perspective.

My idea is: There are liberal planets and there are conservative planets, just like there are liberal / democratic and conservative / republican candidates. So lets see which side is stronger right now among the planets and predict that the same candidate will win.

I think this is a reasonable idea because usually you don’t get to run in a presidential election all the way till the end if you don’t have a horoscope that has huge chances of winning  So the theory is that both candidates should have plenty of indications for being capable to win the election – therefore let’s divert our attention from their personal birth charts, and look instead at the sky overhead during the election.

So even though I’m late to the “political party” 😉 and don’t normally have much passion for the subject – I feel inspired to explore this new idea. And the results on the news are still very split down the middle, so I think it’s still legit to write an article making a prediction about the winner.

Political Affiliations of the Planets

The Sun is the king, so he is “conservative” – kings want to keep order and maintain power. Mars is enforcement: military, police and so on. Naturally he stays close by the side of the king and is also a conservative. Jupiter is religion, religion has some sense that it shouldn’t be obsessed with worldly power struggles  yet tends not to be able to help itself in siding with conservatives: probably seeking the protection and patronage of the king. So Jupiter too, though not extreme about it, is also a “red state” planet.

Saturn is the anti-king. He is the masses, the people, the proletariat. So although he is stubborn and inflexible, his political affiliation is “liberal” – he wants the people to have power and not be under the whip of hierarchy. Venus is the artist and lover, she is also liberal. Artists always support liberalism  seeking freedom of expression and creativity, and as a feeling that flexibility to many ways of seeing things is a clear path to world peace. Mercury is intellectual. Like Jupiter he is not the most extreme member of his party, but nonetheless he gives his loyalty to the liberal party. Intellectuals, although also needing support from the government, are primarily concerned with freedom of thought and speech.

The Moon, Rahu and Ketu are “third parties.” Or, they are states like Ohio and Florida, they could go either way in different circumstances.

All of that is summarized in Phaladeepika, I’ve just fleshed out a relevant explanation. I didn’t make it up. To sum it up:

Conservatives: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Liberals: Saturn, Venus, Mercury

So lets see who has more power right now, the liberal or the conservative planets.

The Sky Over the Election

Here is what the planets look like right now in the tropical zodiac. Naturally we divorce the chart of any particular location on earth (therefore there is no ascendant and no houses to consider, except from the Moon):

Zodiac Positions During the Election

Let’s look at it in a classical, square format, considering the Moon to be the “ascendant”:

In a classical square format, with the Moon as the Ascendant.

The biggest component of strength (according to the shadbala technique, which considers more than a dozen factors) is dignity. But it is a mistake to just look at the dignity of the sign alone. We have to consider the dignity of the degree, and the subsigns that affect that degree of the zodiac. Explaining exactly how you do this is way beyond the scope of this article, though. But here are the numbers:

Dignity of the important planets, considering seven zodiac subdivisions

On this basis the edge goes to Obama, the liberal – primarily because Venus is very strong and Jupiter is very weak.

I don’t have all the time in the world for this, but if I did I would be more careful to choose the specific seven zodiac subdivisions that directly affect planetary potency.

Speaking of potency here is the shadbala for the relevant planets:


I would prefer to do a customization of shadbala for a non-natal application such as this – but for the sake of writing an interesting article, I’m just setting the Moon as identical to the Ascendant and calculating the potency on that basis.

I’ve also noted that Jupiter is on a fatal degree in the drekkan (3rd zodiac subdivision).


It’s in favor of Obama.

I am not well read on either candidate, but it seems to me that Romney’s main schtick is his Christian values. Seeing Jupiter on a fatal d3 degree, in lousy dignity and powerful in bala – I think religion is what will make the important votes sway away from Romney. In his favor, the Sun has pretty good dignity, but very low bala to do anything with it. Mars is pretty middling in both areas today.

The liberals [Obama] have a very strong and very dignified Venus in their favor. And neither Saturn nor Mercury is particularly weak.

Therefore the output of my political astrological formula is: Obama wins.

Let’s see if he actually pulls it off, it still looks very close on the news. If he pulls it off, it’ll be a sign to me that I should investigate this method a bit more and try it in a few other circumstances and see if it is reliable more than once. If he doesn’t win, it was still a fun article to write, and hopefully you learned something about the affiliations of the planets, and how to look at dignity and potency. If he loses and I am still attached to this theory, I could do the things I noted wanting to do differently but not having time for, regarding dignity and potency, and see if that would change the prediction.

Now, back to Walter Cronkite…


Vic DiCara




  1. Enjoyed this as I go to bed not knowing the outcome. Thanks again, Vic.


  2. Between the time I started writing this and the time I finished it, Obama really jumped ahead.


  3. Now that this turned out correct, if anyone would care to apply the same principles to previous elections and post the results, it would be helpful to the research.


  4. gourav patri says:

    amazingly so true calculations great prediction


  5. Tony Peterson says:

    I picked Barack Obama as the winner by simply noting that the Moon was in Leo, his Sun Sign. Whenever the Moon travels through your Sun Sign you have the general public behind you and you can get your heart’s desire across.


    1. The real thing now is to test an idea that worked in this election against a dozen or so previous elections.


  6. Frankly speaking i had never used the Shadbala principles in Prediction. I had predicted the winning of Barack Obama when I am on tour to Bangkok a day before the Elections, by comparing the Birth Charts and the Thithi Pravesh or Annual Horoscopy of Tajaka Neelakhanthi of the rivals Mit Romney and Barack Hussein Obama, and find success in all my predictions done by this previously. I find your method more useful for a snapshot prediction and I want to do reseach with the Shadbal as per the clue I got from you. I appreciate young Astrologers like you doing research with different slokas given in the classsics. Hats off to you.
    You can see my Blog wherein I have given the method I had followed if you find time. with Best wishes Mr.Vic
    Sreenivas Desabhatla


    1. I am also a fan of Tajika Neelakantha


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