IQ in a Birth Chart

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“3 and 5 are the main houses of intelligence. 6 and 8 are houses of things that cover intelligence.”

Why are 3 and 5 houses of intelligence? Because they are on either side of the 4th house – which is the inner self. “Intelligence” is the bridge between the inner self and the external world – across which information can travel back and forth and be translated from subtle to gross and visa versa. So the houses on either side of the inner self (4th house) are the bridges along which the external world can interact with the internal world – and are therefore the houses of intelligence.

The 3rd house and 5th houses are slightly different in that the 3rd has the flavor of ambition, while the 5th has the flavor of affection. So the hunger for knowledge in the 3rd house is for the sake of personal utility (“I want to learn how to use this computer!” For example, with the feeling that the computer will help one achieve one’s ambitions.) The hunger for knowledge in the 5th house is less selfish (“I want to learn what you are thinking, I want to understand you.” For example).

Both houses operate simultaneously in every human being, of course. They are two different aspects of intelligence.

Next I said that “6 and 8 are the things that cover intelligence.”

The 6th house contain things one cannot figure out how to use, how to benefit from, how to leverage. Therefore it’s character is confusion.

The 8th house contains secrets, things that are beyond our knowing, hidden, mysterial. Therefore it’s character is darkness and shadow.

When the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th houses operate in complimentary ways genius and intellectual excellence results. The 3rd and 5th grant hunger to understand oneself and the world, while the 6th and 8th can clear the fog of confusion and reveal hidden secrets and mysteries.

– Vic DiCara



  1. Thank you, Vic. I have much appreciation for what you share and am grateful for your gifts.



    1. Thank you Laura!


  2. Tony Peterson says:

    Vic, you certainly make a person look at their birthchart in a completely new and different way. But I’m a bit confused: shouldn’t the 3rd House, which is the 12th from the 4th, be something bad, rather than something good? The 12th House always has a “bad” connotation connected to it.


    1. The “12th house from x” is a faulty idea.
      There are good and bad things about every house.


      1. Tony Peterson says:

        Sorry. Seems I was under the wrong impression.


        1. A lot of people are, it is a popular idea. Here is a simple, reliable way to understand the houses:


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