Tune-Up Your Astrology with Me! Part 1 – Character


From time to time I return to my own horoscope for a “tune-up” to make sure my astrological methods are still “in alignment.” I thought that persons interested in understanding astrology would benefit from reading my notes, so I did it more systematically this time. If you follow along through this evaluation I think you will enjoy seeing astrology in action.

Here is my horoscope calculated with Lahiri nakṣatra, tropical signs, and whole sign houses for July 27, 1970 at 19:38 in Bay Shore, New York.

Part 1 – Character

Here are a few obvious things anyone would note about me:

  • I am heavily spiritual
  • I am an astrologer
  • I am a writer
  • I am a musician
  • I have a high level of fame, but amongst limited circles of people
  • I am very critical, logical, and not quick to believe


  • Jupiter [philosophy & religion] in the 10th house [obvious/career] as the 12th lord [spirituality].
  • Raja yoga [power/success] in the 9th house [religion].
    • With Venus [bhakti / love] and Ketu [spirituality / mysticism]
  • 10th lord [career] in 9th house [philosophy/ religion]
  • Jupiter as the biggest aspector to
  • the Moon
  • the Ascendant
  • navāmśa: 9th and 1st lords form Raja-yoga in the 10th [most obvious motivation in life is philosophy and religion].


  • Raja yoga  [power/success] in the 8th house [divination].
  • 5th lord [intelligence] in the 9th w/ Ketu [mysticism].
  • 8th lord in the 8th house with Mercury [intellect for divination and mysticism]
  • Navāmśa: 8th and 10th lords join in Gemini, 11th house [successful career in intellectual mysticism / divination / astrology]


  • 3rd lord [communication] in the 10th house [career] in Libra [arts] and Citrā [fine arts].
  • Mercury and Venus [expressive arts] strongly aspect the cusp of the 3rd house.
  • Lord of the Moon is Mercury [writing], who is in the Moon’s 3rd house [writing] with the 3rd and 11th [arts] lord.
  • Navāmśa: 3rd [communication] + 5th [creativity] lords join in Gemini [communication], 11th house [arts & entertainment].
  • Navāmśa: Mercury [writing] and Sun [career] in mutual aspect


  • Jupiter [sound] as 3rd lord [expression] in Libra [arts] and Citrā [skill] in the 10th house [career], with no competition from any other planet in any other Kendra.
  • Moon in Gemini [acting/ entertainment] in Rohiṇī [creativity].
  • Venus [arts] in 9th house
  • 1st lord [self] in 5th house [creativity].
  • Mercury and Jupiter powerfully aspect the 2nd house cusp [singing / orating]
  • From the Moon, the 11th, 3rd, 4th and 5th lords [lords of arts] are all sharing houses.
  • Navāmśa: 3rd [communication] + 5th [creativity] lords join in Gemini [communication], 11th house [arts & entertainment].
  • Navāmśa: 10th lord [career] in 11th house [entertainment].

Fame in Limited Circles

  • 10th lord [fame] in the 9th house [blessed] but debilitated [limited] and with Ketu [underground].
  • Raja yoga’s in the 8th and 9th house focus the power and success into areas that are not widely popular today.

A Critic

  • Capricorn rises.
  • Mercury in the 8th [intellect finds flaws in things]
  • With Mars [cutting, independent]
  • With 8th lord Sun [good at it]
  • Moon in the 6th house [problem solving attitude]
  • 7th lord in the 6th house [not quick to join groups, staying independent]

But there is another side to me, I am not all critical – I also like to see the good in others and encourage them and have faith in people:

  • Jupiter [optimism & trust] in the 10th house [obvious]
  • Moon in Gemini [friendly]
  • Navāmśa: 5th lord [intellect] with Venus [generous] in Gemini [friendly] in the 11th house [friendly].

The end result is that I can often be critical of my friends, friendly to my critics, etc.

Points to Take Away to Your Own Horoscope / Readings

Maybe you have Venus in the 9th house too, but you aren’t a musician at all. Well that highlights a very important point: It’s not about having one placement, but about having many. There must usually be one placement in a chart that very strongly illustrates a point, and then several other placements that can easily support the same conclusion. Then, if you find these,you have a predictable outcome

For example: “Jupiter [philosophy & religion] in the 10th house [obvious/career] as the 12th lord [spirituality].” Is a very strong initial illustration of a very spiritually / religiously oriented person. But there could certainly be people with 12th lord Jupiter in the 10th house who are not spiritual. Why? For one thing, in my case this placement has no competition from any other placement in any other Kendra (houses 1, 4, 7, 10 – the cornerstones of the horoscope). And for another thing, equally important, this is not the only indication I have in the horoscope pointing towards spirituality and religion. I have a raja yoga in the 9th house (itself another key indication, as powerful as the first),  10th lord in the 9th house, etc. etc. It’s the “etc. etc.” part that really makes it a sure prediction.

Another point to take away is the importance of the Moon chart and the Navāmśa especially.  If I had the same birth chart, with a different navāmśa (which would happen in my case if I was born about 5 minutes earlier or later) then I would be quite a different person with quite a different character and career.

The Chandra and Navāmśa charts are not totally independent from the main chart. That means that you can’t find your anchoring principle there in those charts, if you don’t find anything substantial to the same effect in the birth chart. In other words, if the Chandra or Navāmśa chart says my skin will be blue, but the birth chart doesn’t say it will be blue – you can’t be confident enough to predict that I will have blue complexion. (I am just using this as a random, fun example, don’t worry about what “blue skin” is). But if the birth chart suggests that my skin is blue and the Chandra and Navāmśa charts show similar indications to the same effect, you can be confident that I will have blue skin.

I will post “Part II” soon, which will be about the more complicated subject of timing important events.