New Group Class Scheduled: 12 Signs of the Zodiac


I am scheduling the next online group class session for Wednesday the 17th, at 8am my time (Japan / Tokyo).

In various time zones, this is:

Sydney: 17th at 10am
Delhi: 17th at 4:30am
Berlin: 17th at 1am
New York: 16th at 7pm
LA: 16th at 4pm

The topic will be The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. We will not focus on the sidereal vs. tropical issue. We will go straight into understanding the character of the 12 signs.

This is a condensed version of my course 103 – The Signs ( I will break the signs down into three main layers:

Planetary Ruler

And explain how the combination of these layers creates the unique character of each sign.

There are no prerequisites, but if you haven’t taken 102 – The Planets, or it’s condensed form (1, Planets of Classical Astrology) I suggest you download the Planets of Classical Astrology before attending this course. You can get that here:

To sign up for this class, just reply to this email and make a donation (, I suggest $15.

Thanks! Looking forward to discussing the 12 Signs with you!

– Vic


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  1. pragitam says:

    Hare Krishna!

    With the Lord’s Mercy, I will be there, thank you! Looking forward to it!



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