Participate in an Astrological Study


English: Group of children in a primary school...

I would like to do a small study. Would you like to take part?

Observation: Children develop the ability to speak at different ages. Specifically, when they consistantly start using single words to denote specific people and objects. (I think between 9 and 15 months is average for this).

Hypothesis: The retrogression cycles of Mercury could cause the child’s first Mercury-return to have a similar fluctuation.

Study: I would like to collect a sample of data for children, where their developmental progress in this area is known, and see if the hypothesis bears out.

If it does it is not only interesting, but a fairly significant step towards demonstrating in a scientifically empirical manner that astrology is potentially reliable for predicting practical events.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Send be the date / time / place of a child’s birth and a note of his or her verbal development; specifically say when they began to consistently use their first word. Contact me through

Data collection is as crucial as the experiment itself, so please be careful to give an accurate and non-biased description.