Life-Wisdom from Astrology


I  think that astrology grants very deep guidance and wisdom, just by understanding its theories, without even looking at your individual birth chart.  It’s hard to explain why, but from time to time I will try to make short posts illustrating it.

When I feel sad (or elated), or aggrivated (or calm), or ambitious (or complacent), etc. the most troubling part of these emotions is really the fact that I take them so damn seriously and get so fully swept away by them. In Gita, Sri Krishna tells us that such emotions come and go like the seasons, and the smart person is detached from and tolerant of them. Astrology has really helped me experience the truth of that in a tangible way. I can see that when I am unusually irritable, it is indicated by some planet moving into some position or phase. Or when I am feeling very needy, or when I am feeling very arrogant, or feeling very bold, or feeling very weak… in all situations I can note that various planets are moving into various configurations to cause the conditions in my external and internal environment which bring such emotions to the surface.

If I think about that for a short while, it helps me realize that I – the real true person at the core of my being – am different from my external and internal environment. After all, the planets are just going about their clockwork motion way up in the sky and orchestrating the causal chains leading to changes in the lenses through which I experience my life. In other words, Astrology has helped me tangibly realize that all my positive and negative emotional states are not within me – they are external to me. With this realization I can more easily apply Krishna’s advice to “detach from and tolerate” the incessant variations of pushes and pulls from my mind and body.

Thank you,

Vic  DiCara


  1. Luke Buckley says:

    That was brilliantly insightful, thank you.


  2. notatirem says:

    Thank you Vic for this blog. I am enjoying your writing.


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