Lords in Houses – How it Works in a Nutshell


Almost always, you can think of houses and lords like this: The lord of the house is like an electric wire extending from it’s house, the powerplant. The house it occupies is what the power “turns on” and causes to operate.

For example, the 11th Lord in the 4th House is a cable taking the energy of the 11th house to turn on the lights of the 4th house. What is the nature of the 11th house’s energy? It is enjoyment. So enjoyment will illuminate the 4th house. What is the 4th house – it is the inner heart, the emotions. So the textbook symbolism of the 11L in the 4H is that the person is more easily happy and lighthearted.

In the 4th Lord is in the 11th house the effect is in reverse: the power extends from the 4th house to the illuminate the 11th. So the inner emotions illuminate our enjoyments. This is a mixed blessing. If it is helped by good circumstances it can mean that we deeply enjoy life, but without such help it means that we give our heart too deeply to enjoyment, and have a weakness towards over-gratification.

– Vic DiCara


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    Beautiful analogy 🙂


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