New Class Available for Download Now!


“The Planets of Classical Astrology”
11 pages of notes and diagrams
11 audio files, over 2 hours of disucssion.


I’ll explain what each planet means in the simplest, deepest manner possible. I organize the astrological symbolism with the theme of traditional Russian dolls (“Matryoshka”): one symbol fits inside another, etc. I organize all the symbolic meanings of each planet, stack them up inside one another, and hand you one big “doll” containing within it the seeds of infinite symbolic meanings for each planet. I’ll also explain how these dolls combine to form a “mega-doll” – a single unit of meaning that all the planets participate in.

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  1. what is supposed to be difference between sun sign and moon sign like
    lets say what will be the difference between a person having sun in pisces and a person having moon in pisces

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