How Long is Kali Yuga? – Addendum

Yesterday I posted this thought regarding evidence that the yugas may be shorter than most of us suspect. The greatly esteemed scholar Dr. Satyanarayan Babaji sent me a comment which unequivocally corrects the doubt raised in that post. With his permission, his comment is:

While commenting on the SB verse 1.4.14 Sri Jiva, Sri Visvanatha and some others explain that it was the end of Dvapara and not the beginning. The word tRtiye (lit. in the third) is taken to mean the third part of dvapara. Every yuga has three parts – the first sandhi (conjunction or twilight) part, the main part and the ending sandhi part. This is in harmony with the fact that Bhagavata was heard by Pariksita after its composition, and Mahabharata was first recited in the yajna of Janmejaya. Both Pariksita and Jamejaya were born towards the end of Dvapara.
This will not support the smaler span of the yuga theory.