In my time of need…


It is a Vedic tradition that teachers, philosophers, students, reseaerchers, and so on would go to other members of society to humbly beg support for their sustinence. I have come to circumstances that require me to stand humbly at your doorstep with folded palms, asking for your donation and support, “bhiksham dehi.” If you would kindly donate whatever you can in lieu of my efforts to research and produce books, videos, articles, and posts of substance and service to humanity and divinity, it would be a great favor to this soul and surely would earn you great karmic merit as a pious and noble deed.

My begging bowl is extended to you

And you can donate in lieu of specific readings here:

With great respect and appreciation,
Vic DiCara
a.k.a. Vraja Kishor das


  1. Chandan says:

    this is most beautiful. your brother is eager to send some beloved gift soon. 🙂


    1. your presence is a gift in itself.


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