Steamy Romantic Blessings of Bhaga and Purva Phalguni


This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book on the 27 Vedic Stars, the chapter on the star called Purva-Phalguni, whose deity is Bhaga, the god of romance and love.

Bhaga’s Family

The names of the wife, sons and daughters of Bhaga reveal the ways Bhaga bestows romantic happiness to us.

Bhaga’s three sons are named Mahiman (which means greatness, majesty and hugeness),Vibhu (meaning solid, penetrating, and effective), and Prabhu (meaning powerful, capable, and everlasting). These names reveal the traits a male must possess to fully enjoy romantic happiness. He must have sufficient size (Mahiman), which is literal but also indicates size of character: nobility and morality. He must have stability (Vibhu), which also indicates the ability to be solid and penetrating and effective in intercourse. Finally, he must be capable (Prabhu), which grants the ability to lead, initiate and have sufficient sexual endurance.

Bhaga’s three daughters are named Suvratā (meaning dedication, virtue and compliance), Varāroha (meaning mounting, riding and refers to attractive hips), and Āśīs (meaning desires, wishes and fulfillment).  These three names reveal the essential traits a female must bring to the romantic partnership. She must be dedicated (Suvratā), indicating virtue, patience and receptivity towards the male. She must have attractive hips (Varāroha), which indicates excellence for participation in sexual intercourse. Finally, she must be desirable (Āśīs), which indicates that she has an appetite for romance and that she is therefore capable of fulfilling the romantic wishes of a male.

Bhaga’s wife is named Siddhi, meaning perfection, unusual skill and dexterity. This name reveals what both genders must bring to the partnership: remarkable dexterity in the above mentioned and implied arts. When the powers of all the sons and daughters and the wife are present, Bhaga fully manifests and a human being enjoys a god-like wealth of romantic and erotic bliss.

Pūrva Phālgunī allows one to develop dexterity and skill in these talents, arts, and character traits so as to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sensual and romantic life.

– Vic DiCara


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