Sun in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio


Over the last 2 days, the Sun just entered Virgo and Mars just entered Scorpio. Let’s take this occasion to review the basic symbolic implications of these two placements.

Virgo ATC
Virgo ATC (Photo credit: HelloMokona)

Sun in Virgo

Communication: The Sun in Virgo fosters power in all vehicles of expression and communication. It inclines one to be a writer or a poet, for example, or a painter, or even with less artistic ramification person with learning in communication via numbers and systems and symbols. It goes without saying that all of the above require great intellect to master, and therefore the Sun in Virgo fosters studiousness and an intellectual slant.

Femininity: Virgo is Mercury’s female sign, and Mercury is a bigendered planet. The Sun is the Masculine principle. So the Sun in Virgo indicates a lower volume of masculine nature and a heightened sense of feminine nature. In fact, everything we have said previously about communication, studiousness, and expressiveness is one ramification of this femininity. Other manifestations include being more shy and less ambitious.

Mars in His Own Signs: Aries & scorpio

Ambitious Commander: First and foremost Mars in his own sign makes us more ambitious and energetic. This tends to make us more powerful, which in turn makes us more instrumental and important to people in high places. This lands us into positions of greater authority, placing us more in charge of commanding and ordering others.

Competitive: We are braver and more willing to compete for the goals of our ambitions. Thus we literally and figuratively tend to proudly bear more scars.

Enjoyment: We become more capable of conquering others, and acquiring their power and wealth. Thus Mars in his own sign brings us more pleasures and enjoyments, and keeps us hungry for more.

– Vic DiCara