Real Estate and Astrological Planets

Real Estate
Modern Real Estate is about commerce

A student recently asked:

Mars and Saturn are connected with real estate.If these are in the 4th then it is not good for emotional happiness but could be good for real estate. Is this right?

Everyone commonly says that Mars conjoined Saturn is a symbol pertinent to real estate. I think this concept may be at least a bit out of cultural context, however. Mars is the planet that has ambitious goals and goes after what it wants bravely. Saturn is the planet that has no resources of its own and therefore knows how to take resources from elsewhere. So the combination of Mars and Saturn lends itself well to military conquest: setting sights on someone else’s property and then bravely going and conquering it.

I think that is really the context in which Saturn+Mars = Land (increased territory). I think it is a bit of a stretch to apply this to the modern-day acquisition of real estate. Modern aquisition of real estate is conducted squarely within the realm of business and finance, and therefore strikes me as a predominantly Mercurial affair. Perhaps the combination of Moon (a domestic force) and Mercury (a business force) is a better planetary symbol for modern real estate.